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The Popularity of Vinyl Records and Retro Today

Vinyl records have been around for a long time and have come in and out of popularity since their invention. They had a decline once CDs gained popularity and the decline furthered whenever technology advanced and inventions such as portable MP3 players and iPods gained...

Nostalgia Themes in Literature and Prose

In the play Waiting for Godot, the two characters Vladimir and Estragon wait for an unknown person named Godot who never arrives. When the two hobos thought about taking their lives, they waited to hear what Godot thinks. While Godot never shows up, the two...

Definition, Perception and Concept of Nostalgia

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The smell of a candle that reminds you of your grandma’s house. That feeling you get when you look out the window at a rainstorm and think of yourself as a child splashing out in the mud with your polka dot rain boots. Passing an...

Nostalgia as a Result of an Unconcious Repetition

“What if the feeling we like to call nostalgia is simply the byproduct of accidental repetition?”(Klosterman pg.2), asks Chuck Klosterman. In his article ‘Nostalgia On Repeat’, he does some etymological inside architecture on the idea of nostalgia which joins the lofty analysis of obvious contemplation...

Tool Of Negativity: Klosterman & Crawford On Nostalgia

Tool of Negativity: Klosterman and Crawford on Nostalgia Nostalgia is a desperate form of trying to preserve memories. People want to remember the happier times by clinging into to the past. In the article “Nostalgia on Repeat,” by Chuck Klosterman, and in the essay, “The...

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