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Fairness of Athletic Scholarships in College and University

Around the world sports are perceived by an array of people to be to a one-way ticket out of poverty and also a chance to further their education after high school. On the other hand, a lot of students take advantage of the scholarships and...

Taxation for Small Business' in Marketplace Fairness Act

The Marketplace Fairness Act is embroiled in a systemic conflict between local government’s aim for increased revenue versus small online retailers burden of navigating the varying sales taxes. Furthermore, the Supreme Court’s undying decision in Quill v. North Dakota provides precedent that states can require...

The Connection Between Justice And Fairness

I personally think that justice is the same thing as fairness. Justice can be seen anywhere, when you are talking about law for example, justice will apply equally to everyone, well depending the type of charge you get of course. For example, if you kill...

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