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The Influence of Emotions on the Online Behavior of Internet Users

This paper will cover the influences that our emotions have on our behaviour and the impact that what we consume has on our emotions. How we feel may have more impact than we realised. So how emotions are connected with the way people search and...

Maintaining Emotional Balance and Well-Being of Students

The word emotion is derivative of the Latin word “emovere” which means to stir-up or agitate or excite. The feeling of a person at a particular instant of time knowingly or on knowingly is called emotion. According to crow and crow “An emotion is effective...

A Lesson That Can Be Learned by Experiencing Strong Emotions

I experienced strong emotion when my friends didn't invite me to join their surprise for our friend Janessa. I know that day that it's Janessa's birthday that's why I am expecting that they will come to me to get my contribution for the surprise but...

Emotion: Circumstances, Mood or Relationships With Others

Feelings are natural states related with the anxious system welcomed on by neurophysiological changes differently connected with considerations, emotions, social reactions, and a level of delight or displeasure. There is presently no logical accord on a definition.The feeling is frequently interlaced with state of mind,...

Emotion and Intensity: How We Can Read Our Emotions

Can we have valid and reliable evidence proving that there is a Universal language? Can a person know another person's emotion by observing the different levels of eye intensity? Is eye intensity a universal language? Eye intensity is the brightness and ambiguous intensity of looking....

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