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Impacts of Adoption and Factors to Consider During Adoption

Adoption is fairly common, talked about topic in today’s society. With an estimate of over 437,000 children in the United States who were in foster care during the year of 2016. It has long been a solution for children and infants who find themselves without...

Experiences of LGBT Adoption and Fostering

Based on the body of literature this chapter outlines some of the experiences of LGBT applicants who choose to adopt or foster children. The literature collected indicated that homosexuals have been viewed as inherently threatening to institutional heterosexuality, to children, to family life and morality....

The Benefits and Immediate Need for Adoption

Imagine this scenario: You are in a bar with some best friends. Everybody is drinking, laughing, and enjoying themselves. After several rounds of drinks, you tell your friends you will drive home, and they don’t stop you. You grab your keys, shakely attempt to put...

The Question of Normal and Acceptance in Adoption

There are 20,000 adoptions from Russia yearly and over 1.6 million from the world a year, coming from an adoptive child myself from Russia, I Believe strongly in adoption and believe that it is hard to adopt children in this day and age. It is...

Birth Mother's Choice of Child Adoption vs. Abortion

This overall question gives many people hope of what can be, while others consider it a nightmare. Both are a choice that affects the child and the mother. Child adoption is better than abortion because it is safer, less stressful, and sometimes easier on the...

Adoption of Innovation in Agriculture in Cameroon

In Cameroon, agriculture is vital in achieving the sustainable development goals of alleviating poverty and improving food security by ensuring zero hunger. Agriculture in Cameroon contributes 22.16% to gross domestic product and employs about 45% of the active population (Institute Nationale de Statistique 2016). In...

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