Essay Samples on Family History

Family Tree: To Be A Part Of An Extended Family

Introduction The family is the major basis of every community. Each family has specific roles towards one another and their society. Definitions of a family are as diverse as families could be. Some convey social judgments by representing the “normal/acceptable” family and some challenge societal...

The History of My Father's Military Past

In the interview I did with my father, I got the chance to learn a lot about his thoughts, opinion and what he experienced during the early 2000’s. Most of the questions I asked my father was questions based around the 20th century, the war...

My Family History Reflection Paper

There are approximately 7.7 billion human beings around the world. So what sets me apart from others? It is my identity that sets me apart from others. I think of it as singular (male) and multifaceted (family identity). To me family identity means a socially...

The History of My Family: The Diverse Canadian Ancestry

Canada is a land rich in history and diversity. There are many Canadians who have come from different backgrounds, cultures, and faiths. A wide majority of these Canadians are not originally from Canada, unlike the indigenous people, and have immigrated here. They each have a...

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