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Study Review on Twin Studies and Behavioral Development Between Twins

Behaviors arise intrinsically as well as an extrinsically from an individual, twin studies can help us identify the environmental association; as well as understanding how genes and shared environmental influences can come together to create certain processes. In this way, twin studies have not outlived...

Genetic and Personality Similarities in Twins

Human life, a mystery that society has tried to understand through a variety of scientific studies yet, so complex that it is very difficult to simplify it and to put it into a few words that make sense. There are so many different aspects to...

Research on the Extra-Sensory Perception Between Twins

Twins are defined as “two offspring produced by the same pregnancy” (Wikipedia 2019). There are two types of twins in the world: identical twins and fraternal twins (the most common type of twins). Identical twins (also known as monozygotic) come from one zygote which then...

The Differences Between Mine Twin Cousin Sisters

When I was around 6 years old, my aunt gave birth to my first cousin. This is the first time I have seen twins and that is the first time I had a cousin in my life. I have two cousins who look so similar...

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