Essay Samples on Parenting

Analysis of the MNG's Family Law System

Family law is a highly emotional and complex area of law. Therefore, non-adversarial processes are more appropriate for the dynamics and emotions involved in family law proceedings. Marram Ngala Gunbu (‘MNG’), a division of the Broadmeadows Children’s Court, is a court that implements a solution-focused…

Things to Keep in Mind When Having a Baby

Some people feel incomplete unless they have a kid of their own. Having a baby is something that most couples want, and it could be fulfilling for them to raise a child they can give their love and support to. However, according to the Baby…

Struggles of a Single Parent

Being a mom can be the hardest, empowering thing any woman can do. For others, they think it can be the wort thing in the word. Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages of being a single mom. In today’s world there are numbers of children…

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