Divorce And Custody

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Electronically stored Information is increasingly a focus in divorce and child custody cases. Discovered evidence can be used to support or refute legal claims including infidelity, income and spousal/child abuse or neglect. However, this evidence must be handled correctly or you risk having it rejected as inadmissible. To preserve evidence integrity and verify its authenticity, it must be collected, analyzed and stored using strict legal protocols. Even the most damning evidence is useless if it gets thrown out of court.

Divorce and child custody cases are emotional, and it can be difficult to maintain an objective perspective. When spouses become adversaries, they sometimes act inappropriately or impulsively and act in ways that may even be illegal. In such cases, you need an objective third party on your side. TCS Forensics has over 16 years of experience in both civil and criminal forensic investigations. Because we often work closely with attorneys on civil and criminal cases, legal and ethical issues inform our approach to discovering information pertinent to a case. When preparing your case, any electronically stored information can be critical. Photos, and audio and video recordings can document activities to support your assertions. Some additional sources of information we can investigate to support your case:

  • Call Logs
  • Web browser history
  • Social media activity and messaging
  • Text Messages
  • Downloaded files
  • Emails
  • Deleted files and emails

We use specialized equipment and techniques to extract information from the recesses of electronic devices. Even in cases where data has been tampered with, intentionally hidden or deleted, TCS can expose information that may be invaluable to winning your case. We have expertise in evidence management including analysis and preservation to ensure that evidence is admissible in court. In addition, we are available to support our findings with expert testimony in depositions or court proceedings. We can even help in evaluating the admissibility of your spouse’s forensic counter-evidence. For assistance with your divorce or custody case, call TCS Forensics for confidential, professional investigative services.

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