Divorce Cases In Malaysia

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There are a lot of divorce cases happened in Malaysia. According to Malay Mail. (2014, March 3). The divorce cases have dramatically increased in only eight years from 2004. In 2012, 56,760 separations were recorded, which is equivalent to a marriage separate every 10 minutes. Separation is a very painful decision. Some couples are unable to stay in their relationship until they manage to divorce. Some people also think that life is unperfect until they got married but they don’t know how to manage their relationship perfectly. There are 3 causes that lead to divorce which are lack of communication, cheating, and financial problem.

The first cause is lack of communication. Lack of communication happens when couples are busy with their work and have no time to spend with each other. Sometimes a couple need to work harder to have a better life with their family. Lack of communication also happens when the schedule of the couple is different and maybe the man working in the morning and the woman work in the afternoon. When the couple feels like they have no time to live together, the couple can’t trade their thoughts, neither there is a certainty for endeavouring to take care of their issues. According to Loop, E. (2017, November 21). Giving correspondence a chance to fall out of the spotlight of your relationship may put separate among you, influence your accomplice to feel like her emotions aren’t legitimate or influence you to feel like she couldn’t care less. This can lead to tension and conflict among the marriage.

The second cause of divorce happens is cheating. According to Peter, O. (2018, January 17). People are cheating is because they want to have more sexual partner. We all know that sometimes love can give us happiness but sometimes it can be hurt to us. Maybe some couple that live together for a long time will be bored and not interested anymore with each other. Most couples that cheat on their partner is because they fall in love with someone new and falling out of love with their old partner. As a couple, Trust in a relationship is important to avoid conflicts happen between each other. Other than that, some couple also feels that cheating can be happiness to them and cheating is their way to of getting bored.

The third cause of divorce happen is financial problem. Most couples that having a conflict is because having an unsolved financial problem until they manage to divorce. Money is a very important thing that enables us to buy many things in our life but it can’t buy happiness and love. Some couples who have been living in luxury lifestyle will find it difficult to deal with the financial problems. Many couples also get issues with who want to control the finances when one of them is the main source for income and some of them trust that the earner is the right to decide how and when the money spent. A life partner who doesn’t work outside of the house will feel different since he or she deals with the family unit and would best realize what’s required and when. The couple who are a lot of loan or debt will be pressure by financial problem. According to N, Sheiresa. (2017, February 5). When you’ve married a gold digger, it will make you realized that your relationship has become more complicated and it will lead your marriage to divorce.

Last but not least, there are many ways to avoid divorce cases increasing. Firstly, the husband should play an important role to the marriage. For example, by allocating their time wisely between work and family. Other than that, the wife also must to play an important role such as doing the household chores because that is one of the responsibility as a wife. For decision making purpose, the spouse should communicate efficiently in order to solve their problem. Lastly, the couple should be by each other’s side through thick and thin for a long last relationship.

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