The Problem of Tidak Apa Attitude in Malaysia

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As in our country, the crime rates has been significantly reduced compared to the previous records. Crimes such as kidnapping, raping, killings and etc. has reduced drastically. Also according to the statistics of the crime rates in Malaysia, it has been decreased drastically, making the people of Malaysia to feel safer in peace. But the sad and hard truth is that, the statistics was only recorded for big crimes such as mentioned above. Petty crimes such as snatching bags, robberies and prostitutions, are still going on freely in Malaysia. A statement from a senior officer, he said that the statistics were spread to the people for them to feel less fear and live in peace. This was a very honest deed done by the officer but still it is a sad truth that there are small crimes happening in Malaysia. These crimes not only just affects people physically but mentally as well. According to an article in The Star Online on 18 November 2013, a man referred about this attitude that is shown by the people and the authorities as ‘tidak apa’ attitude which means ‘it doesn’t matter’ or a small issue. He also written about in incident that happened in his living area which is in Kuching, Sarawak. A neighbour of his was robbed at her home. A burglary that happened when he was not around. The thief took his neighbour’s mobile phone and other electronic devices like her iPad. A few moments later, the police came to the scene and investigated the crime scene. The policeman also mentioned that this is a ‘common’ thing to happen and as long no one got hurt, mind as well let this issue to go away. The truth is, this is not a common thing, the woman who was in the house went through a phobia for quite some time. Although it was just RM 10 or RM 10000 was robbed, it is also considered as a crime and the one found guilty has to be brought to justice. Not only here, but also many people all over Malaysia are experiencing these kinds of petty crimes.

Critical Findings and Literature

According to a ranking system, Malaysia is at number 15th in the world as the most crime rate country and number 1 in South East Asia countries. Malaysia is most reported for crimes such as purse snatchings, crimes against tourist by taking drivers, Grab drivers behaving very abusive against passengers and prostitution. Petty crime is common in Malaysia. Incidents of bag-snatching happen and can end up violent. Individuals on motorcycles who grab bags from pedestrians have caused injuries, and even death in the past from being dismantled to the ground. We recommend you give close consideration to your own belongings when walking in public areas and traveling on public transport. Credit card fraud is common in Malaysia. We recommend New Zealanders take additional care when using credit cards and ATMs and carefully check credit card statements for fraudulent charges. Taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur have carried out violent crimes against foreign tourists and local residents. New Zealanders in Malaysia are encouraged to book enrolled taxis by phone or online, instead of hailing a taxi in the city.

Also prostitution is a crime happening in Malaysia in a very wide scope. Almost in every state in Malaysia, prostitution is happening in at least one region. A former hotel security head has warned Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar against ignoring how ‘big a problem’ prostitution is in the country. As of late, Khalid acknowledged that prostitution existed in Malaysia yet added that authorities had the capacity to contain it. JK Associates principal consultant Khen Han Ming said his experience as a hotel security director from 2012 to 2016 had brought him up-near the prostitution trade in the country and he claimed it was a bigger problem than the IGP suspected. ‘We have basically two scenarios,’ he told FMT. ‘Forced prostitution and freelancers.’ ‘Forced prostitution is what you for the most part find in streets, for example, Bukit Bintang, Lorong Haji Taib, and Chow Kit Road where prostitution is run from shop houses or cheap hotels changed into brothels. ‘At that point you have freelancers who are foreigners who gone ahead social visits and don’t have pimps or agents. They cater to the ‘upscale market’ and operate around Jalan P Ramlee, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Ampang and obviously Bukit Bintang. Basically, anywhere near luxury hotels.’ He said it was important for police to address forced prostitution in the country as there were numerous different crimes attached to it including human trafficking. ‘Forced prostitution involves foreigners who are smuggled into the country. Nowadays, they travel with valid documents and are on social visit passes yet have either overstayed or are brought in and out of the country by syndicate operatives.’ Khen claimed that some of those involved in ‘smuggling’ prostitutes included hotel operators, sustenance operators and taxi drivers. ‘Usually, these are the ones working intimately with human trafficking,’ he claimed. He said apart from human trafficking, forced prostitution also meant the possibility of minors being forced into prostitution, undocumented foreigners, as well as the spread of disease and drugs. ‘Drugs are utilized in forced prostitution with the goal that the girls will last longer and will almost certainly serve multiple customers. Also, drugs cause them to hallucinate and avoid escaping. ‘So when talking about prostitution, it’s not just about moral issues alone, although, I am certain, most Malaysians want to imagine that prostitution doesn’t exist because of religious sensitivities. In any case, there is a bigger picture that we have to take a gander at.’ He said the long haul impact on these girls who were forced into prostitution was that they would experience the ill effects of trauma and addiction. ‘Some of these girls have not seen daylight for quite a while and may not comprehend what’s happened to them.⁠⁠⁠⁠’ Khen said he had filled in as a hotel security head in two of the ‘top hotel brands’ in Kuala Lumpur yet refused to reveal which brands. During this period, he said, he found that authorities rarely directed raids on luxury hotels. The China Press as of late reported that Johor Bahru had earned a reputation as a red light area, thanks to the many elderly men from Singapore who headed there for the services of prostitutes from Vietnam and China. Khalid appeared sceptical of the report, saying there ought to be little reason for Singaporeans to search for prostitutes in Malaysia as prostitution was legal in their country.

These are just some of the cases and crimes that were found in the internet. There are also tons of other cases that were never spoken of. These kinds of small crimes are now defining our country as an unsafe and highly rated country for crime. If even normal citizens can identify the issue, then there is no doubt that the authorities knows these issues as well. As what was explained just now, this is the ‘tidak apa’ attitude shown by our authorities in our country.

Observation and Evaluation

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In issues like these, there many possibilities that could have been done for the situation. Like in an incident that I have mentioned earlier about the man’s article on his neighbour house being robbed, I feel for that situation police could have tried to investigate in more detail and find the robber. At least by catching the robber and bringing him to justice may create awareness to the others who intend to do these kinds of crime. Also another possibility could be the authorities investigate the situation in detail and if the victim is found not guilty, they should consider on returning back the victims lost by cash. In another case such as prostitution, the authorities should pay more attention on where these activities are being held and find a solution to stop this from happening. As we all are living in an Islamic country, prostitution is consider as illegal to our law. Also raids should be conducted to places where they suspect to stop this illegal human trafficking and creates awareness to the others to stop doing such sins.

Most of these issues are still going on, in, out the country. Not only this but even many more are being executed such as drug dealings and so on. The main cause of all these petty crimes to go on freely is because of the ‘tidak apa’ attitude. The people in charge overlook the problems and issues thinking it as a small and common thing to happen. It they were to pay more attention to these kinds of crimes, then I feel Malaysia will be an even safer place for tourist and also the citizens. Moreover, it is not appropriate to only blame the authorities but also the people of our country plays a big role as well. People also should consider on advising other in their surroundings to do good things and prevent doing illegal things as well. This also refers to advising small children and teenagers to avoid themselves from bad habits such as smoking. Nevertheless, people should also help others who are in need of assistance. We can’t always hope on the police or securities to be around us all the time. If in any situation we have acknowledge that a crime is happening, we could at least do our best by helping them or at least reposting the situation to the authorities. Here’s an example of an action taken by a concern citizen. When you express the phrase ‘Tidak Apa Attitude’ everybody hear what you’re saying. It’s turned out to be such a commonly understood phrase which bears testament to the fact that there’s a great deal of apathy in our culture — certainly more than there ought to be, in case we’re aspiring to turn into a created nation. One lawyer developed sufficiently angry that she chose to something about it. Legal advocate Animah Kosai has recently established a movement called ‘Speak Up’ which encourages a corporate culture of openness, allowing individuals to raise issues of worry without fear of reprisal. This passionate lawyer talks to SAVVY about her new movement, the importance of speaking up and how leaders can improve the corporate culture of their companies to all the more likely reflect the inner yearnings of their people.

For as long as I can recall, my father used to speak up and intervene at whatever point he witnessed wrongdoing or injustice of any kind. This could happen anywhere — in the public arena or within the corporate reality where he was an internal auditor. So this is normal for me as I grew up around it. I would depict ‘Speak Up’ as a movement and I’m ambitious about it. I want this to be a global movement enabling others to join in various capacities from around the world. ‘Speak Up’ is a platform to support leaders and organizations in creating an open and empowering corporate culture where individuals can raise issues of concern without fear.

Creative Alternatives

For us to overcome all this problems, we have to change by ourselves and the society for a better country. First of all, we have to start by ourselves. As we acknowledge a crime or something wrong happening around us, we should always have the initiative to find a way to correct it. For example, when we see a teenager who is under-aged smoking, we should have the courage to question him for his behaviour because it he starts smoking in a young age, this might lead him to start consuming alcohol and also drugs. The thought of exploring new things are found in teenagers no matter if it’s about a good thing or a bad one. Once he gets the taste of one bad habit, he will surely have more thoughts on exploring more. Also parents and teachers plays a big role in this as well. No big criminals are formed immediately. It can come from a young teenager in a very young age to have the urge to do more bad in future. But if our society tries to stop them in a younger age, maybe we can safe that teenagers life and also our society as well. This will all happen if we ignore this attitude of ‘tidak apa’. On the other hand, the government and the authorities have to reinforce the law. Pay more attention on all sorts of crimes although it is a minor one because a person doing a minor crime will continue to do bigger crimes in future. Also they should always bear in mind not only to focus on the crime and how big it is but also pay attention on the victim as well. As I have mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter how big the crime is or how much of goods have been lost, it also matters on the victim as well because people who go through such incident might go through a lot of pain and trauma as well.

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