Essay Samples on South Africa

Teaching Reading to Multilingual Learners

Teaching and learning of language and literacy in South Africa has been evolving since the end of the Apartheid regime. With eleven officially recognized languages in our country, it is inevitable that we will find learners that speak one or more languages in schools where...

Depiction of the South Africa Setting in Tsotsi

I have selected a sequence from Tsotsi (2005) by Gavin Hood. The South-African movie that has won numerous awards is just one of many from Hood, others are X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and Ender’s Game (2013). Set in Johannesburg in post-apartheid South Africa, the movie...

Reasons for South African Graduates Unemployment

Due to the gradual increase in unemployment rates, which implies individuals having no access to sufficient income, people tend to fall custom to finding refugee in harmful habits, substance abuse in particular. This is why there is a need to study and examine the extent...

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