Essay Samples on Malaysia

Alarming Fatal Road Accidents Rate in Malaysia

Introduction Fatal road accident can be defined as a death resulting from an unfortunate mishap happened on a public road involving one or more vehicle. According to Tang (2017), Malaysia has the highest road fatality risk among the ASEAN and made it to the top…

Discovery Of Abandoned Housing Project In Klang

Since 1990s’ Malaysia construction industry has been rapidly grown including such constructing commercial buildings, residences building, and also bridges. Buildings, bridges, factories, and construction site can be seen everywhere especially in hotspot urban areas; Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya. These constructions eventually contributes to the country…

Divorce Cases In Malaysia

There are a lot of divorce cases happened in Malaysia. According to Malay Mail. (2014, March 3). The divorce cases have dramatically increased in only eight years from 2004. In 2012, 56,760 separations were recorded, which is equivalent to a marriage separate every 10 minutes….

The Bilateral Relationship Between Malaysia And Indonesia

The relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia is known to be a diplomatic pleasantry among the region with a special relationship of shared values and common cultural traditions originating from the same ancestors. This bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia is considered as one of the…

The Problem Of Deceptive Advertising In Malaysia

Advertising is one of the most essential elements in a business filed. Manufacturers all around the world usually will spend a lot of money and sources annually to promote their products as advertising can help them to expand their market become globally (Frolova, 2014). As…

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