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In this era of competitive market, there are numerous of oligopoly firm that located at every country. In Malaysia, one of the well-known oligopoly company is TESCO, it is a British multinational retailer that founded in 100 years ago, which is 1919 in England by Jack Cohen, a member of market stalls. It is arguably the largest retailer around the world that based on profits, and the second biggest retailer that measured by revenues. On top of that, TESCO is having approximately 440,000 of employees in 2018. 

The first store of TESCO was opened in 1929 in a suburb of London named Burnt oak, it also has stores in 14 countries across Asia and Europe, North America, and Malaysia is one of it. Otherwise, TESCO had done a lot of research and analysis regarding customer’s preference and marketing analysis upon this society. The company has an advantage over its competitors by incorporating innovation in its supply chain like point of the sales data. Of course, TESCO do have a strict organization management which categorize to few classifications such as store manager, food trading manager, non-food manager, personnel manager and so on (Dudovskiy, 2016). Managers often lead their team to a higher level and brought a better image to the company, it is also one of the reasons why TESCO had done many of illustrious accomplishment.

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TESCO is a double-storey mall that separated with ground floor and second floor. In ground floor, we claim that there are many famous restaurants and clothing shops that located in front of main entrance, customer could have a lunch or tea break while they are starving. Also, we can proceed to second floor to shops our groceries. TESCO import and export different variety of commodities at a lower price weekly and contain wide-ranging of groceries such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, frozen foods, cleaners and some personal care etc. 

More than that, TESCO had offered some promotion with selected item every month, customer can observe the flier that placed in front of entrance. In 2018, TESCO began phasing out Everyday Value in favour of is “tertiary brands” such as “Ms Molly’s”, “Hearty Food Co.” and “Stockwell & Co.”. Additionally, TESCO had separated non-Halal shop which include alcohol and pork meats for the non-Muslim shoppers. To put it another way, TESCO are guaranteed the freshness of meat and all the goods on racks are all under expired date, customers can claim a fully refund in case of bought the ruined or spoilt products.

Moreover, TESCO operates a quick and convenient online shopping for part of the busy office worker or housewife that are lack of time for shopping. In terms of online shopping, customer must register an account for shop online, once the registration is done, customers are able to place their orders up to 3 weeks in advance. Then, customers need to apply their own current address or the specific address which customer desired. Also, customer could feel delightful to enjoy the high-efficiency delivery service that operated from 10am to 10pm every single day that provided by TESCO, so customer can have a “grocery refills” without stepping out of door.

In perspective of customer, TESCO offered a huge indoor and outdoor parking lot for customer to find and place their car more easily. Furthermore, there are several of security guard cruising around the indoor carpark and the brightness of the parking lot are adequate, customer may enjoy a worry-free shopping experience all day long. As well as recycle is being concerned all the time, TESCO is considerately providing a recycling collection centre that nearby outdoor parking lot for people to recycles their pre-loved clothes and some recyclable stuff, the aim of this centre is to reduce the need for refining, extracting and producing raw materials all of which create water and air pollution.

Last but not least, TESCO resemble as a tiny shopping mall in children’s sight, TESCO appeals to children often not just because it imports large number of different obsessive toy and gizmos that children may like, but also provide a specific mini trolley that other stores did not provides, it is specific design for children to let them have their own shopping experience too. Besides, TESCO mesmerize elder shopper too. Why am I saying this? Because the staffs, regardless staff of customer service, cashier or cleaner. All of them are enthusiastic indeed. They always hanging a smile on their face and assist the shopper that might facing some issues or some question with passionate and efficient all the time.

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