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The Challenges Facing IBM When Rometty Became CEO

Technological changes and more agile competitors threatened everything. New access models for software and computer services evolved. Rometty had to derive value from IBM’s enormous legacy business while transitioning the company for success in the tech world of the future. For her first four years,...

History Of Ibm And Analysis Of Its Company Culture

Preamble IBM (International Business Machines) is an American information technology company based in Armonk, New York but operating worldwide. As of 2018, it has operations in over 170 countries with over 350,000 employees and a net income of US$ 8.72 billion. The company, affectionately nicknamed...

How IBM Acquisition of Red Hat May Impact the Company

Introduction Merger & Acquisition is an important tool for growth and diversity. It tends to happens for strategic reasons to get competitive advantages and increase market share through better distribution of network. In tech industry, acquisitions are more common than initial public offerings. Through acquisition...

IBM Fundamental Analysis of the Stock and Bonds

As of 2017, IBM was trading lower than its peer companies owing to its declining year-over-year revenue for twenty-one quarters. Additionally, the company was not included in Wall Street’s estimates on revenues for the quarter (Waldron, 2017). However, not all was lost for IBM as...

The Research Study on the IBM Corporation

IBM – International Business Machine Corporation was founded over 100 years ago in 1911. They are massive contributors in the I.T and anything related to computation. IBM revenue was $39.2 billion in 2018 which was generated by the fields they are in which include I.T...

Porter's Five Forces in International Business Machine Corporation

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) applies procedures to address a wide variety of issues in the information development industry condition, for instance, the external segments showed up in this Five Forces assessment of the business. Five powers examination are proposed to show the outside components...

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