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The Comparison of AT&T and the World of 5G

People around the world are still taking full pleasure and benefits of the 4G connection when the AT&T team raises the curtains on yet another glad tidings of making a cheek by jowl with the 5G. Yes, 5G is another unforeseen innovation that will jumpstart...

The Risk Behind AT&T's Acquisition of Time Warner

Background In October 2016, AT&T discussed the topic of acquiring Time Warner. AT&T is the second larger provider of wireless telecoms within the US, owning mobile, broadband and satellite TV which by merging will promote the entertainment of Time Warner. This is a merger that...

The Competition in the Telecommunication Industry Between Verizon and AT&T

Verizon Communications Inc. is a world-renowned American telecommunications company that has an estimated net worth of $131 billion. Verizon claims to provide coverage in over 190 countries around the world which exemplifies how popular and reputable the company has become world-wide. Its headquarters are located...

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