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The Comparison of AT&T and the World of 5G

People around the world are still taking full pleasure and benefits of the 4G connection when the AT&T team raises the curtains on yet another glad tidings of making a cheek by jowl with the 5G. Yes, 5G is another unforeseen innovation that will jumpstart...

The Action Taken by EFF Against Unlawful Decisions Made by AT&T

The mission of EFF is to work for ensuring when the use of technology increases, the freedom and rights of consumers should also be enhanced and protected. In the initial days of internet itself EFF started putting efforts to protect the access to developing technology...

The Risk Behind AT&T's Acquisition of Time Warner

Background In October 2016, AT&T discussed the topic of acquiring Time Warner. AT&T is the second larger provider of wireless telecoms within the US, owning mobile, broadband and satellite TV which by merging will promote the entertainment of Time Warner. This is a merger that...

The Competition in the Telecommunication Industry Between Verizon and AT&T

Verizon Communications Inc. is a world-renowned American telecommunications company that has an estimated net worth of $131 billion. Verizon claims to provide coverage in over 190 countries around the world which exemplifies how popular and reputable the company has become world-wide. Its headquarters are located...

Investment Analysis For At&t Inc And Financial Recommendations For The Company

Decision making on investments is formed based on the relative profit potential of investment options. In any event, when quantitative and systematic methods are not used in investment decision making, in inappropriate choices may be implemented and investors can incur losses instead of profits. In...

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