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Where It All Went Wrong For Enron Company

Enron was an American energy company based in Texas that was beloved by the media and shareholders alike. There have been postmortem examinations performed by the Securities and Exchange Commission following the bankruptcy of the company as a result of massive fraudulent accounting practices. The...

Chronology of the Enron Auditing Scandal

Introduction Enron Corporation was founded from unexpected terms of a merger between two natural gas pipeline companies in outskirts of Omaha and Houston; with the initial intention to avoid being targeted for a financial takeover. Enron will go on to become the largest natural gas...

Enron as “The Smartest Guys in the Room”: Case Memo

Enron, once a dormant natural gas pipeline company grew to become the seventh largest publicly-held company in the United States, collapsed in December 2001 because of its “Ponzi” schemes and shoddy business practices. The theory of moral muteness played a large role in the collapse...

Numerous Fraud Scandals Surrounding Enron

The main perpetrators in Enron’s fraud scheme were Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, Andy Fastow, Louis Borget, Thomas Mastroeni, Lou Pai, and Tim Belden. In addition, the accounting firm Arthur Anderson, the law firm Vinson and Elkins, and various banks were also involved. Kenneth Lay was...

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