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Amazon's Upload is All About the Digital Afterlife

Take Black Mirror’s dystopian tech analysis, The Good Place’s thoughtful investigation of the afterlife, and the workplace pranks of The Office, squeeze them together, and you have Amazon’s Upload. It takes place in a world that could simply be 10 years from now. You can...

Brand Audit and SWOT Analysis of Best Buy

Executive Summary Best Buy created its current name in 1983 but was originally established in 1966 as a stereo store called the Sound of Music (Twice, 2011). By 1993, they became the second largest consumer electronics company in America (Lowe, 2008). While the company enjoyed...

Use of Drones in the World of Logistics

What are Drones? It is an unmanned areal vehicle that that can be used for surveillance, delivering goods, traffic monitoring anda many other reasons. Growth in the drone industry Earlier, drones were only available to military organizations. Apart from military purposes they were also used...

Zombie Ants Disease In The Amazon Rainforest

In the Amazon Rainforest, a carpenter ant is acting strangely. In the night, the worker ants march in a neat foraging trail and search the forest floor for leaf litter and dead insects. One ant, however, abandons the group and begins to climb a nearby...

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