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Questioning Whether Google Is Making Us Stupid

Is Google making our society stupid or is it helping us instead? (Carr, Nicholas, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, The Atlantic). In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid”, the main idea, Nicholas Carr is trying to make is that as the internet becomes the...

The Harm Caused by the Google Monopoly to the Economy

Monopoly comes from a Greek word mónos meaning single. This occurs in scenarios where only one supplier delivers goods and services to the market (Mansfield, 2015). Monopoly power thus is the ‘long hand’ monopolists have in dominating the marketplace. Google Monopoly It is an honest...

Analysis Of Google's Human Resource Practices

The SHRM takes care of a compelling human resource planning wherein the human capital is appropriately overseen alongside the advancement of professional process capacities. The HRM supervisor ensures that the HR systems are well coordinated with the business methodologies overall. The point of SHRM is...

Google Is A Monopoly And Should Be Regulated

There are a lot of tech companies which dominate a different part of the tech industry but Google with its billion-dollar revenues is not a monopoly for reasons discussed below and must neither be broken up or regulated. Arguments Point 1: Choice and Competition By...

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