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Radio: History Review of Creating and First Usage

A radio is a machine that is producing or receiving inaudible waves, and that transforms it into a sound that human beings can understand. The range of the band is from 87.5 to 108 MHz. It is intended to be received directly by the public...

Pirate Radio Phenomenon in the Age of the Internet

Originally derived from the offshore setups that bootlegged transmissions from rigs and boats throughout the seas, Pirate radio spread unlicensed broadcasts directly to listeners back on land. Famously, stations like Radio Caroline and Radio London – the latter of which gave the infamous John Peel...

Radio as a Medium of Communication and Information Spread

Radio is sound communication by radio waves, transmitted through cables and received by an audience through a device commonly know as the Radio. At first radio was perceived as a toy without any beneficial applications, this view was quickly overturned after a few years of...

The Replacement of Radio Stations by the Digital Alternatives

The radio receives electromagnetic waves from the air that are sent by a radio transmitter. Electromagnetic waves are a combination of electrical and magnetic fields that overlap. The radio converts these electromagnetic waves, called a signal, into sounds that humans can hear. Guglielmo Marconi successfully...

The Positive and Negative Use of Community Radio

The power of community media, particularly community radio, to mobilize groups and bring change to societies is well documented in history. This power has been mostly manipulated and used to spread hate and violence. Adolf Hitler has used community media to spread propaganda against Jews...

HD Radio as a Promotion of Radio Signal Media

Radio is one of the longest standing mediums to come to our generation. As technology changes so does the world around us. In radio, this change has been seen with the push for analog/terrestrial radio to move toward HD radio. Traditional radio has been limited...

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