Essay Samples on News media

The Problem of Current Newspaper Reporting

In this modern age, a change in newspaper reporting is needed. Why? Imagine a world where newspapers are allowed to report whatever they wanted. Imagine a reporter following your every step while creating absurd headlines, exaggerating the real truth of what you’re actually doing. One…

Digitalisation of Media and Downfall of Newspapers

How does one acquire news? Is it from your social media news feed? Is it from news channels? Or is it still from newspapers? As chronicles of daily life, newspaper each advice and interact. A newspaper is a distribution containing news, knowledge, and advertising, usually…

When Weather Altered the History of Nations

Humans make decisions which can influence their everyday lives, and these choices cumulatively reflect in the direction of their lives. It is enticing, and often reassuring, to assume destiny is controlled by humans. However, every aspect of our environments cannot be controlled by a human,…

Looking Through Lenses Of History: Nikon Camera

Films and media have been around for nearly 100 years now but what nobody talks about is the tools that were being used to produce them. Looking at the quality of the media produced back then and now, obviously there has been a huge improvement….

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