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The Complete History of Media: Types of News Media and Their Role

Before writing, before technology or even before the internet came to be relevant, news media began with the basics—through speaking and exchanging information with others in real life. Through many revisions and early developments of mass media, we can see professional standards being made. Mass...

The Role of Traditional and Non-Traditional Sources of News

Non- traditional news sources provide a twist on trending news as compared to traditional sources in today’s world. Due to technology the way to read and listen news are changed. In the past years, only newspaper and radio were the main sources to get news...

The Complicated History of African-American Newspapers

Newspapers are a crucial source of information on a daily basis. They were a convenient form of communication before the advancement of technology newspaper. It provided tangible information, and one can store them for references as they were printed. The African-American newspapers were established in...

The Problem of Current Newspaper Reporting

In this modern age, a change in newspaper reporting is needed. Why? Imagine a world where newspapers are allowed to report whatever they wanted. Imagine a reporter following your every step while creating absurd headlines, exaggerating the real truth of what you’re actually doing. One...

Digitalisation of Media and Downfall of Newspapers

How does one acquire news? Is it from your social media news feed? Is it from news channels? Or is it still from newspapers? As chronicles of daily life, newspaper each advice and interact. A newspaper is a distribution containing news, knowledge, and advertising, usually...

History of Establishing First African American Newspaper

African-American newspapers appeared before the Civil War as a declaration of abolitionist assessment. African-American newspapers were the focal portrayal of correspondence of African-American culture. There were various of newspapers that worked as the channel through which African-American news moved at once white America disregarded everything...

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