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When Weather Altered the History of Nations

Humans make decisions which can influence their everyday lives, and these choices cumulatively reflect in the direction of their lives. It is enticing, and often reassuring, to assume destiny is controlled by humans. However, every aspect of our environments cannot be controlled by a human,...

The Risk Precipitations In Taiwan

Taiwan is usually hot and humid, there are lots of rain and are occasional thunderstorms and typhoons. No matter intense typhoons or heavy rainfall in Taiwan, they cause by the climate change. So, why are there so much natural disaster and extreme weather in Taiwan?...

Bad Weather Means Good Productivity

While effect of weather has been considered as influencing factor for several industries such as stock marketing, retail/sales business, it keeps the question remaining unknown: Does weather have anything to do with productivity? In a period when everybody still believes sunny days as the good...

The Electric Heater In Cold Weather

In cold weather, when handling the steering wheel to give a driver comfortable feeling, the rim portion of steering wheel is warmed to a suitable degree by an electric heater mounted in it, but there is no uniform distribution of temperature throughout. The electric heater...

Visibility Degradation On The Road

Adverse weather situations such as fog, mist, smoke, or haze present numerous challenges to drivers, including strong negative visual effects and decreasing the ability to see through the air. These challenges arise because of the luminance contrast reduction which is truly relevant to driving safety...

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