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Sachin Pilot: A Powerful Leader Carrying His Father's Legacy

Sachin Pilot is an Indian politician and a member of Indian National Congress. He was born on 7 September 1977 in Saharanpur, UP. He did B.A. from Stephens’s college, Delhi University and did double MBA one from Institute of Management Technology and other from University...

Running a Family Business in Mexico

Family businesses in Mexico are mostly companies, which are very small or do not have the success expected, due to the large amount of competition that exists in Mexico; Mexican companies that thrive, have planning from the first generation which are referred to the grandparents...

A Study of Conflicts Management in Family Business

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Introduction: Conflicts in the family business is the most common problem in any society, culture, country in the world. The main reason of conflict is the lack of training and lack of governance of family business which should be adopted by entrepreneur. Often the conflicts...

Growth In Inter-Firm Collaborations: A Study Of Enterprising Family Smes

This dissertation investigates the enterprise-level micro-foundations of dynamic alliance portfolio management capabilities in a ubiquitous type of firm, the family firm. I set out to investigate the underlying processes that facilitate the building of dynamic alliance portfolio management capabilities, in line with the burgeoning scholarship...

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