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Communal Property and Private Property of Piligrims

 ​Once upon a time, while negotiating with English businessmen and investors, the pilgrims initially wanted private ownership of the wealth that they would produce. More specifically, after the seven-year agreement period between the colonists and the investors, the houses and land or plots that would...

Importance of Interreligious Dialogue and Negotiation

Interreligious Dialogue is people from different backgrounds having meaningful and respectful conversations. Regardless of where anyone is from there is a way they can get along irrespective of their religious background. Interreligious dialogue helps people to gain more knowledge about different experiences and perspectives. It...

Analysis Of Within-Company Negotiations Experience

Negotiation Background and Outcome In my previous company, which was a major hedge fund firm that was acquired by a leading global bank, our team in India provided the technical expertise by building and managing the core ecosystem of the technology platform. All the work...


What is BATNA? Right from accompanying mom’s to market where they used to check out entire market before purchasing anything to seeing dad working late nights looking for better alternatives we have realized the importance of bargains. As human beings, we all expect something more...

Overview Of The Main Thrusts In Negotiation

Negotiation is a deliberate procedure including diverse performing actors with various interests or objectives, distinctive dispositions and procedures prompting a circumstance were individuals are attempting to change these distinctions with a specific end goal to achieve an understanding. The willing ness to discover an answer...

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