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General Overview of General Motors Company Business

This report provides an overview of General Motors company, precisely general description of company starting with the full name of the company, where headquarters is located, number of employees, revenue for 2018, price of stock, which companies owned by this company, information about competitors, also...

Crafting a Corporate Mission Statement: The Main Features

A corporate mission statement is meant to guide organizational activity by making it clear to all stakeholders what the organizational goals are and the way they will be met (Mootee, 2013). Stakeholders include but are not limited to company staff, clients, the community and shareholders....

The Importance of Clear Mission Statement in a Project

Introduction According to Ekpe and Sunday, mission statement is very important and a critical part of an organization and its overall operating plan (2015). Mission statement defines the goals and the vision of the organization. According to Ekpe and Sunday, mission statement “should provide a...

The Mission Statement of Happiness in the Corporate Organizations

The mission statement if effective because it is aimed towards being a business that shapes itself around the wants and needs of its consumers. It talks about the “customers” as well as the “communities” that the business works to satisfy. The tone if formal and...

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