The Mission Statement of Happiness in the Corporate Organizations

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The mission statement if effective because it is aimed towards being a business that shapes itself around the wants and needs of its consumers. It talks about the “customers” as well as the “communities” that the business works to satisfy. The tone if formal and official, which makes the brand seem trustworthy. The mission statement emphasises the importance of Shoprite being an African store and selling high quality produce and food while still being of an affordable price. This is effective because it once again empathizes with the people and how what they do can help their customers (also referring to job creation). This creates a good relationship between consumer and business.

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It would resonate with a South African audience because it refers to delivering across the African continent. In saying this in their mission statement, they are showing they are proudly African and it is always important to support local brands which is why it would be a positive indication for the business when read by a South African customer. Two core values held by Shoprite are compassion and loyalty. They are compassionate because they tailor themselves to the needs of their community and aim to bring about positive change to their customers. They are loyal because they are there to serve for the consumers and have stayed true to their African roots. Although mainly directed at countries within the African continent, this mission statement works internationally because it is aimed towards empathizing with people and how the company can make their lives easier by providing top quality food at low prices, which is a universal issue.

I aim to grow as a person by challenging myself to learn something new about myself and about the world around me each day. Not only do I wish to create a healthy lifestyle mentally, I also want to improve my habits regarding looking after my body. I shall achieve a completely vegan diet, not only because of the toxicity of the meat and dairy industries and my love of animals, but also to be putting organic, natural foods into my body. In order to attain my goal of becoming a professional dancer after school, I shall start being stricter on myself with my training and ballet classes. By this, I mean making sure I wake up early every morning to workout, making sure I stay active during the school day and attending my dance classes every night and morning (on the weekends). I shall push my body to become as strong and fit as possible so that I can audition for various Summer Schools and internship programs for later in the year. I also aim to do more yoga and meditation to build more of an awareness of the relationship between my mind and body.

In the social aspect, my overall goal is to be a person that other people enjoy the company of. I shall achieve this through various intentional changes to my current mindset and attitude. I want to have a more open-minded way of perceiving the world that is less judgemental and more appreciative of the beauty in different people that I meet and already know. In this way I will not only be positively impacting and uplifting those around me, I will also be engaging in a way of thinking that will lead me to a happier thought process that will allow me to be more self loving and accepting. I try to be a supportive and understanding friend that my loved ones feel comfortable looking to for help or even just to confide to. I hope I can continue to hold these values and continue to grow as a friend and learn how to think through my feelings before I take them out on other people. There are only a few things you can control in life and one is how you react to situations you find yourself in, and I aim to reflect kindness and tolerance through my reactions. I am challenging myself to speak words of love and not hate, because complaining and being cruel to others just harms relationships with people I care about and won’t improve me as a person or make me feel any better. I know I can come across cold and uncaring, so I hope to be able to express myself and my true intentions better when interacting with people. In saying this, I want to eliminate the toxic friendships in my life and be able to recognize when people are not good for me.

I believe that the most amount of growth in a person happens mentally and happens over a long period of time and learning. I hope I will continue to expose myself to unfamiliar situations that will test my cognitive and emotional strength. I find that I worry and overthink issues, so I plan to live more in the moment and be accepting that life is unpredictable and nothing lasts forever, as much as I may want it to. I want to stop forcing myself to feel certain emotions because it’s how I think I should feel and be more honest with what is going on in my head. Grade 11 is an important year for marks, and I need to focus and work hard in school but also be able to balance it with my dancing and social life, while being aware of my limitations and how much I can do without it being overwhelming. Though I will push my mind and myself to grow and adapt, my priority is to remember to look after my mental health and not be so hard on myself to always achieve perfection.

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