Analysis Of Planning, Organizing, Controlling And Leading In P.E.T.A

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P.E.T.A is the largest advocacy non-profit organization in history, they have helped countless of animals, help demolished animal abuse like experiments in animals and keeping animals in captivity or for entertainment. They promote awareness to prevent animal abuse, and they do protest campaigns to target businesses that don’t practice humane animal approaches. The person that first founded P.E.T.A is Ingrid E. Newkirk and she started helping animals at a very young age. In my research with P.E.T.A, I will be talking about how they do their organizational planning, organizing, controlling and how they lead their organization.

P.E.T.As Planning

The way that they plan in determining their goals in keeping the organization to the way it is for almost 40 years since the 1980 in helping animals is they build shelters, campaigns, and they ask for donations. They plan by knowing their demographics, area and what is trending. The president herself believes that thinking globally and acting locally is one of the best ways of planning. According in a case study by engaging networks (2015) “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had a challenge to raise $150,000 in two months using both Direct Mail and email. This was part of their campaign against animal testing. “Their aim in meeting this challenge was to be as personal to their customer base as possible and they acknowledge their customer donation no matter how little their amount. The study by engaging Networks continues (2015) “Over the course of September, October and November 2012, PETA sent out 2 direct mail pieces and 8 emails. Emails went out to a list of 151,476 existing supporters, asking them to support a campaign to end cruel experiments against animals. The PETA team also decided combine campaigning and fundraising. This is because asking your supporters to sign a petition before requesting a donation can help raise more money than going straight for the donation. It can also reignite an ongoing appeal, as supporters are offered a variety of different ways to help.” They were able to actually triple their efforts in raising the money because they used their online resources and they were being transparent to their customers as well.

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P.E.T.A’s Organizing

Their chain of command in the website has six people as the main leadership roles they start with Ingrid E. Newkirk the president and second they have the vice president who takes care of the marketing, organization’s campaign, youth outreach divisions and corporate affairs, third they have the Senior Vice President, Investigative, Legal & Corporate Cases Media Office, Fourth they have Senior Vice President of Communications who is in charge of being creative in getting the message out to the media and the people. Fifth, they have Senior Vice President of Campaigns who is the spokesperson of P.E.T.A and recruitment and last is the Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations who is in charge of investigations department. The top managers oversee the middle managers like the shelter managers and coordinators and then the have the first level managements like the assistant managers and the supervisors. They also have Four department and within the departments they have their leaders like the managers and their supervisors as well as the workers. The first department that the website listed is the PETA’s International Grassroots Campaigns Department the website says that this department works on the front lines of the animal rights movement. The second department is the PETA Foundation’s Interactive Media Group They are responsible for developing, designing, and maintaining PETA’s Web sites and the media. The third department is the PETA Foundation’s Major Gifts Department who is responsible for the funding of each departments and that each department has what they need for it to run smoothly. The last department listed is the Cruelty Investigations Division and this department works with the police and animal control. This department investigates animal cruelty cases and sometimes they even go undercover to close the cases of animal abuse.

P.E.T.A Controlling management

P.E.T.A is serious in making sure that their employees are in agreement in their mission statement. The leaders must be vegan and the workers although some can be meat eaters they are absolutely not allowed to wear any animal fur or skin. Depending on which department their goals and the way they control their employees is different. If you are in the Media department they are looking for volume and how much traffic goes into their websites and campaigns. Other departments like the cruelty of investigators, they have to rescue and investigate their cases and resolve it under a certain time frame. Lastly, The Major Gifts department they have to make sure that the other departments are all receiving what they need because not only they make sure that the departments are refurbished with supplies, they also make sure they are fed with vegan lunches. When working with P.E.T.A they want their employees to be happy, so they have excellent benefits for them and their families as well so that their employees are loyal.

P.E.T.A’s Leading

Ingrid the president of P.E.TA her vision is to save as much animals as possible, her mission statement according to the website is this; “PETA operates under the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.” They take this statement very seriously and P.E.T.As culture in their organization is radical in making this statement known. Ingrid believes in 8 strategies for their leadership and the first is that they believe in thinking globally and locally they have groups all over the states and there are 7 groups in other countries which they on plan to keep growing.

P.E.T.A not only believes in rights for the furry and feathered animals but they also believe in the rights of lizards and fish they believe in not leaving any animal behind. They have convinced retailers not to use sticky glue traps and ant poison because it can kill the mice’s and other animals and so this show that they also find alternate ways to help businesses. Third they believe that there are no problems just projects, they don’t see challenges they simply see obstacles and so in Ingrids words she states that “if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act” this shows that they will keep finding ways to solve the challenge. Fourth, they believe in going above and beyond to get their statement known, they do not care if they are liked or not because they count in word of mouth promotion to promote awareness in the matter. Fith they do not believe that any target is too big they have influenced huge corporations in America and other countries that used to sell leather to replace it for vegan leather instead. Sixth they believe in persistence, they will start with filing complaints and then they will rally members to write letters and file law suits if they have to in order to save animals. seventh they are not afraid to cause a scene they will dress up in silly outfits or go to businesses to protest in what they believe in. Lastly, they recruit celebrities to support their no fur campaigns and they do a provocative approach to attract the audience.

This shows that P.E.T.A is the type of organization that is very open to any approach as long as they are able to promote their mission statement they are willing to do everything and anything to accomplish their goal. This type of leadership style also shows that they look for initiative in their leaders for their organization, they want to see that the person they work for have that same drive and passion to save animals which is why P.E.T.A has been and will continue to be a strong organization for many years to come.

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