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Working From Home VS Working In An Office

Many famous companies recently, has announced that it was making its employees that were working from home come back into the office. It believes that face-to-face contact is needed to increase collaboration and productivity. Many of their employees has become upset over being forced to...

Importance Of Hard Work In Your Success

If you want to become a famous sports player or a songwriter there’s only one way to get there and that’s hard work. The majority of people in our generation aim for average. And because of the most of us do too. And if we...

People's Ability To Multitask Well

Psychology, what do we know about the mind? In my project, I will determine if people can actually pay attention to two things at once. To expand my knowledge, I must start at understanding what exactly multitasking is. In a nutshell, multitasking is the act...

The Measure Of Success: Luck Or Hard Work

Whether Hard Work or luck? What is more powerful? My approach to answering this is: Hard work can overcome bad fate and it conveys immeasurable luck and also extends its consequence. In childhood, we are prepared to study harder and we are often taught that...

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