The Measure Of Success: Luck Or Hard Work

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The Measure Of Success: Luck Or Hard Work essay
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Whether Hard Work or luck? What is more powerful? My approach to answering this is: Hard work can overcome bad fate and it conveys immeasurable luck and also extends its consequence. In childhood, we are prepared to study harder and we are often taught that if we study harder, we will get excellent grades. In games and sports, if we exercise and practice more, we will be more effective and achieve better and at the workplace, if we perform harder, we will be more successful. We as children are raised with the idea and understanding that hard work is equivalent to victory. If this is the case, then in my view rickshaw pullers might be the most successful people.

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Hard work means putting a lot of efforts and luck means things happening just by chance without any struggles and pains. Luck implies that something great has arrived by fortune. They seem like contrasts but they usually are correlated more firmly. We perceive opportunities due to good luck. We put our full efforts to transform those moments into certainties. There is a saying that 'God helps those, who help themselves'. It means luck comes to them who works hard. Hard work is a numerous deal of effort and patience towards a common purpose. It is required certainly if you have an aim to accomplish.

If you have exhibited in a reliable background and if you work hard, people often mistook your hard work as fate or destiny. This doesn't mean that hard work and talent doesn't matter at all. Good fate is like success served to you directly without putting any extra efforts. One should always be optimistic. It happens with everyone that you may fail once or twice or many times but with constant efforts, motivation, dedication, perseverance you can accomplish your goal. These words may sound big or at first, they may totally confuse you or take you to a different context, but believe me, they are only key to achieve success and unlock the doors of luck. Some times we may lose faith in these values if we fail continuously and feel that fate has something big in reserve for us and we become a toiler of it. Due to multiple failures, we may also change the goals that we want to accomplish from childhood or that may be the only dream we cherished once we have gained consciousness. We keep on trying our luck on different things rather than focussing on a single goal. We can give a shape to our fortune through hard work and determination.

It always depends on your view of how you see the situation. Talking about luck, one thing should be noted that, one cannot be lucky all the time. Luck may not work if you don't take the efforts to get the results. One should not wait for being lucky. I personally feel that believing blindly on fate are the signals of people who are running away from their responsibilities or are aiming to achieve something in short span of time. A strong person with a focussed mindset and who believes in himself will never make such silly excuses.

So according to me, luck may play an important role to achieve your goals but its the hard work that drives you towards success. Once luck can give you an opportunity but its the hard work which will decide your journey towards victory. It means the harder you work the luckier you get. There are some ways through hard work and luck can be compared:

  1. Fate may make one feel that there is supreme energy that is remunerating us. Such kind of thoughts provokes us to even work hard.
  2. By working hard we get a sense of peculiar gratification but luck feels like a reward.
  3. Sometimes luck may help us to get a chance to achieve success but to keep that success we need to work hard.
  4. The success achieved through luck is short term but when it is achieved through hard work it is for a lifetime. Luck may help you to achieve the first level but it's the hard work which helps get you to acquire the last level and may guarantee you a successful career.
  5. Luck is unfavourable and absolute. But hard work is relative. We don't know whether we are going to born rich or poor, but working hard is always in our favour. Many people born poor has set an example by being successful like Tata, Birla, Ambani and many more.
  6. Whenever we look at a victorious person we call them fortunate enough, but how can someone be lucky all the time. Luck can bring success for once, but it's their perseverance and dedication which brings them true success.
  7. When people are not focused they are not determined to work hard and then they rely totally on fate and shows no dedication towards their work. Hard work requires focus and dedication which people lack. Hard work without focus heads to not so good performance with so many ups and downs. It doesn't deliver a consistently advancing performance. So commitment is key to success.
  8. People who are more successful as compared to you doesn't mean they have some extra brain or talent. They are as equally talented as you, the only thing they did differently is they never underestimated their talent and worked in the right direction with full attention and have not rested until they achieve success.
  9. One should not believe in hard work, because it may have only a 1% chance to win and remaining chances of failure. Luck doesn't exist. Success never comes to you unless you put your efforts to achieve it. No one gets success served on their plates. Luck only supports them who have an inherent desire to succeed.
  10. Self-belief and motivation is another way to get success. You have to recognize your inner strength and work for it. Success will be on your knees.
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This essay delves into the intriguing debate of hard work versus luck in achieving success. The introduction offers a clear stance on the matter and sets the stage for the ensuing discussion. Throughout the essay, the writer blends personal insights with general observations effectively, creating a relatable narrative. The essay employs anecdotes, quotes, and rhetorical questions to engage the reader. However, some sections become overly repetitive, and the essay could benefit from more diverse sentence structures. The inclusion of examples such as Tata, Birla, and Ambani adds credibility to the argument. The concluding emphasis on self-belief and motivation leaves a lasting impact. To enhance the essay, focus on sentence variation and further streamline repetitive content.
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Sentence Structure: Introduce greater variety in sentence structure to enhance the essay's readability and maintain reader engagement. Repetitive Content: Streamline repetitive points and ideas to create a more concise and focused essay. Transitions: Strengthen transitions between paragraphs to create a smoother flow of ideas. Depth of Analysis: Offer deeper analysis and exploration of the nuanced relationship between hard work and luck.
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The Measure Of Success: Luck Or Hard Work essay

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