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Intel Organization: Management, Marketing and Goals

Even with a quality range of products and services, success can bring a company unforeseen consequences. Intel is currently experiencing a shortage of CPUs due to excessive demand for PC chips, which started in 2018. Clients, such as Hewlett Packard, become affected by disparities in...

Company History Of One Of The Biggest Suppliers Of Advanced Computer Technology, Intel

On July 18, 1968, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore became the founders of Intel Corporation, which is now a multinational corporation and technology company. Intel Corporation produces various computer hardware product like microprocessors, Graphic chips, etc. Intel supplies processors for Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell....

Intel's and AMD's Architectural Builds and Gadgets

Intel® is the world’s oldest and most established microprocessor company, which produces the world’s most popular microprocessor chips. It is best known for its PC processors. Nowadays, Intel devices are used in every electronics related fields such as automotive, industrial, automation, robotics, image processing, networking,...

Intel Sustainability: Waste Management of E-Waste

Environmental Sustainability At Intel, they continually strive to improve their operations and minimize their impact on the environment. In their view, a commitment to sustainability requires a broad portfolio of efforts; they pursue new ways to reduce emissions and improve energy management through conservation, renewable...

Intel Makes AI A Reality For Businesses

We unpack Intel’s comprehensive AI solutions stack with libraries and frameworks that can facilitate the development and scale adoption of its hardware assets — CPUs, FPGAs, VPUs and the soon to be released NNP product line. Intel’s objective is a broader roadmap — domain specific...

Advancement of Computer Processor Architecture in Intel and AMD

Introduction Computer Architecture describes the attributes of a computer system which are visible to a programmer or, the attributes that have a direct impact on the logical execution of a programmer. Multi-core processors are fast becoming more of the rule rather than the exception in...

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