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The Move “Better Luck Tomorrow” by Justine Lin

The move, illustrates an image hidden behind well-mannered students of Sunny Hills high schools who are trying hard to over achieve. The main characters Ben and Virgil is showed as those over achievers of high schools who are known for their grades and extracurricular activities....

The Measure Of Success: Luck Or Hard Work

Whether Hard Work or luck? What is more powerful? My approach to answering this is: Hard work can overcome bad fate and it conveys immeasurable luck and also extends its consequence. In childhood, we are prepared to study harder and we are often taught that...

Cultural Views and Legends Surrounding Clover

Cambridge dictionary defines a clover as “a small plant with three round, green leaves that are joined together”, but in a field full of three-leaf clovers, finding a four-leaf one could have a special connotation its signifier gives us a feeling of joy and suspicion...

How Luck and Motivation Affect the Chances of Success

Luck plays an important role in a person’s success. This statement is true as luck provides opportunities and pathways into favored events although the chances are low. Then can someone just say that only people gifted with luck are the ones who can only achieve...

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