Essay Samples on Inspiration

Finding Inspiration to Study Science

The human body has been a mystery to me, and I have always taken an interest in pinpointing the exact needs to detect health symptoms. My grandmother’s anxiety, high blood pressure and diabetes, and her sisters’ breast cancer was often a conversation starter within our…

My Mother as an Inspirational Figure

During my adolescent years, my life had been dramatically changed forever when my parents got divorced. At this point in my life, I felt distraught and lost. My mother, Silva, showed me the way of enlightenment by teaching me to be a self-sufficient, independent woman….

Analysis of Poetry as a Source of Inspiration

Life is always unsatisfactory for people. Because life is always full of numerous challenges and difficulties. Faced with the downturn and frustration of life, people sometimes feel depressed that they need encouragement and help of others. Over centuries, poets wrote countless inspiring poems. In “Barter”,…

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