Essay Samples on Banking

Report on Bank's Credit Card Financial Plan

The bank our group choosing which is AmBank, they offered about a total of 22 credit card such as AmBank True Visa Card, AmBank Visa Signature Card, AmBank World MasterCard and so on. The credit card most used of AmBank’s customer which is AmBank Carz…

Investigating Credit Card Fraud Detection

Motivation: In present days payment systems are changed into online transactions. There are many types of online payment method like e-cash, credit card, internet banking etc. Credit card is one of the best method for online payment. Credit card is a plastic card which is…

Risk Taking of Commercial and Retail Bank

Introduction Without taking the risk, banks, the important financial institution, cannot be in running order (Matthews & Thompson, 2014). In business term, bank is defined as an institution authorized by a government which provide financial services, for example, accepting deposits, paying interest, making loans, etc.,…

Analysis Of Moody's Credit Rating Case Study

In 2008, the American markets started to disintegrate because of frenzied and unethical, if not illegal, dealing in home loans. Investment companies and banks failed or were sold, credit became impossible to obtain and everyone was afraid to loan or borrow money. Jobs became scarcer,…

Assessing Bank's Proposal From Ethics And Regulation Perspective

For any strategic business proposals, XYZ Bank shall adopt the stakeholder approach to consider the interest of three main stakeholders ie internal, external and connected from both instrumental and normative perspective. Applying Medelow’s stakeholder theory will be helpful in assessing the level of interest, power…

Banking Industry In Australia And Sustainability Reporting

Overview/background information of the industry/sector/context Australian banking industry is one of the biggest sectors in the country, leading in country’s financial system. As of September 2017, authorized deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) totaled at 147, holding over 55% of all assets associated with financial sector (RBA, 2017)….

Case Analysis for Bank of America

The long term strategy has three steps to executive. Integrate Credit Card and Mortgage business into current Bank of America Mobile App. Introduce Bank of America e-commerce app which includes local mobile payment and person to person capabilities. Expand to international markets using existing mobile…

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