User Perception Of Mobile Banking Adoption: An Integrated TTF-UTAUT Model

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Article 1


In this article Debarsgi and Nidhi identify key components in the public platform of corporate communication using social media and how it is user friendly and cost effective to these corporations. Social media has become the new way of collaborating with not just friends anymore but team members of your corporation such as team members of virtual teams deployed in software development projects. Social media has offered help in businesses and software development projects specifically to accelerate growth through innovation, communication and the active participation of employees in their own workplace. The study in this article specifically targets four social media tools named Facebook, blog, google plus, and enterprise tools.

Author’s conclusion

The results of the studies in this article shows that there is a relative positive effect between the project success and use of social media to overcome such challenges like team diversity, team dynamics, task allocation, technology augmentation and change, strategic decision-making and social dimension. Looking at the regression table displayed in the article there is clear evidence that social media is able to give better results of effectiveness of these virtual teams deployed in the software development projects. The use of social media when it comes to software development provides an innovative low cost method to collaborate. Meaning it enhances group thinking, eliminates ambiguity of roles and responsibilities, helps in resolving almost any conflict amongst the team and it lowers down the time it takes to make a decision tremendously.

Relevance of article

When it comes to this article I think it shows social media has changed the way people communicate dramatically. Whether it is trying to speak publicly to society or to a targeted social group or peer. The social media platform has even further extended to project management and apart from the public platforms, the corporate- based communications help with communication (of course), but managing documents, sharing knowledge amongst your peers, and managing task- based work, all under social media platforms. Thus, bringing clear communication, trust, and a high level of satisfaction within not only the corporation, but to the world as well. As we age in this generation, communicating on a social media platform is going to partake a very big amount on how successful you want your corporation to be.

Article 2


As we are going through rapid changes in technology, Mobile banking, or mBanking, has added various opportunities to the banking customers to operate their own banking activities through their own mobile device such as smart phones or digital assistants with accessing banking networks. In this study the authors go over factors on influencing users’ perception on the adoption of mobile banking in Bangladesh from the understanding of technology perception.

Author’s conclusion

In this research study, the authors provide a realization regarding how adopting mobile banking can increase a banks performance and customer satisfaction. Although in Bangladesh, many of the people are not aware of adopting mobile to perform mobile banking tasks, it is clear from the study that the technology characteristics is relatively more effective than task characteristics. The research study also provides a concrete analysis of the socialization of the mobile bank adoption and how it has affected the number of consumers and their hopes on adopting such a service in this country. It provides us with significant insights in the literature that can assist these banks, financial institutions and mobile operators focusing on these factors to help improve and develop the mobile banking industry.

Relevance of article

The findings in this study can help banks and mobile operators make the right decisions regarding marketing strategies for increasing mobile bank acceptance so we can excel our expectations when it comes to the development and advancement of the mobile banking growth. Adopting this service can save a lot of people not only their time, but just like debit cards it is also a safer way than physically going to your local bank and putting yourself at a higher risk.

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