Harmful Influence Of Mobile Phones On Our Health

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Over the past decade, the usage of mobile phones among younger generation has gone through a profound transformation. In the past, mobile phones weren’t available for the general public but to those who could afford the electronic tool. Although unlike the older days, in our recent years mobile phones alongside with modern technology has greatly advanced and made accessible to people in all walks of life. Mobile phones now come with different sizes, brands, and features at an affordable cost. With this being said, the younger generation in this day and age has little to nothing of a struggle to get their hands on a mobile phone for themselves. Having a mobile phone for most people is keenly essential, especially for students. Not only is the device used as a social tool for communication and of sorts, it is also utilized for convenience to search up informational materials whether it is educational or not, along with being a status symbol for students or just younger people in general. Considering the unprecedented access to mobile phone by students today, many spent hours at end in a day using their mobile phones. This could be a concern for the students themselves, where their extensive usage on mobile phones may leave a serious effect in their health condition and even their sociability.

Aforementioned, students nowadays face various problems in their lives and one of those includes a deteriorating health condition. A vital cause to their declining health is highlighted from the excess use of mobile phones. One of the stated medical setbacks includes the easy exposure to a potentially harmful radiation. Mobile phones function with base stations using radio frequency (RF) radiation. Once the RF radiation reaches to a point where it exceeds the initial safety limits, a condition also known as ‘thermal’ effects, could be harmful to the human body when faced in direct contact to the human skin for a certain period of time, as it raises body temperature. Openly exposed to such radiation could affect a person’s health. Conferring the stand based on most common listed theories, mobile phones are still considered to be on the safer and lower level of RF radiation. Even so, some still believes that the radiation level could rise persistently as the usage of mobile phones continues to be rising.

As statistics and researches verifies, mobile phones are one of the most favored and widely used electronic device by people of all generation in the world at large. Any health risk it procures along in the time it was used by an individual could possibly leave a major implication to a person’s health condition in the long term. To give an example, for instance apart from to the number of calls made per day using a mobile phone, the average length of each call and the amount of time people use mobile phones are the essential aspects which increases the health related risk. The radio frequency radiation or energy discharged by mobile phones which takes form in a non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, can be absorbed by tissues that are in direct contact with the mobile phone. The amount of radio frequency energy a mobile phone user is exposed to subsequently depend on many factors as the technology of the phone, the distance between the phone and the user, the extent and type of mobile phone use and the user’s distance from cell phone towers.

The radiation emitted by mobile phones is not the only health concern students have to face from their excessive use of mobile phone but other illness could be formed from the over exposure to radio frequency radiation, that includes headaches or much severer, they could even develop brain tumors. In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) corresponding with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radio frequency radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic for humans, based on an increased risk for glioma, a type of brain cancer’. For the most part, students should note that the exposure to RF radiation does not happen or take an effect to their health immediately, so to speak. Most researches conducted by WHO along the same time they declared the statement, were recorded to slowly and evolve bit by bit to see an end to a perfectly fine health condition. Some were recorded to be detected after 10 to 15 years of heavy usage on mobile phones for it to see a rather significant change in a person’s health and by then, the tumor would spread to most part of the human body. Proceeding with the linking classified statement made by the two discrete organizations towards the effects caused by mobile phone radiation, it seems that under any circumstances at all, being exposed to radio frequency radiation is of nothing but bad news for the human health. This leaves students with yet another solid reason to cut down on the heavy usage of mobile phones.

Upon the release of the statement made by WHO and IARC regarding the issues that rises among the effects of mobile phones to our health, the public began to be more aware of the actual cause of the problem which is the over excessive usage of mobile phones. The announcement encouraged not only students, but has positively educated the people in general to be more cautious towards their mobile phone use. With this information out and known to the public, it is less likely for students to disregard such problems and continue to risk their own safety. As it is the same for billions of other people who use mobile phone on a regular basis, everyone could unanimously agree to the practicality and gains it holds are almost equal to weigh down a small fraction of the disadvantages. One of them includes the tremendous convenience it provides for students to look up materials for school and projects they need online, swiftly with the help of their mobile phone. Unlike having to carry a laptop around to any places they wish to go, students can bring a mobile phone easily in their pockets without carrying much weight with them. Not only is carrying a mobile device convenient for student’s time management, but it is also considerably very helpful in connecting students or any individual themselves with friends and family as mobile phones are social devices as well.

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However, the effects on the usage of mobile phones isn’t limited to solely experiencing health problems, it also affects a person’s social life. Many might wonder how a communicative device would possibly create problems to a person’s social life. It simply all comes down to the core issues, which is associated to the time students spent on using their mobile phones. The more time they spend using their mobile phones, the less time they have to spare on their real life affairs. With students spending most of the time they have on their mobile phones, allows very little time left for them to interact or spend time with their family and friends. This should have gone the other way around, in which more times are supposedly to be spent with friends and family rather than spending valuable time on using mobile phones. The smaller the interest they hold to maintain a happy relationship with their family and friends, the further the distance grows between them. Apart from creating a distance in family and friends relationship, spending too much time on their mobile phones could result in less social interaction in general. With little to none social interactions done in a long period of time, students are more inclined on skipping opportunities to engage in physical activities as well as neglect of important responsibility such as academics studies and maintaining a healthy eating habit. Allowing this health and social compromising behavior to reach such extent could lead to a miserable life.

The excessive use of mobile phones by students could create an unhealthy lifestyle especially in causing them to overlook the grave importance of which to take care of their well-being as their best interest, instead of keeping themselves busy with their mobile phones. Although it is true to an extent that mobile phones are considered to be a greater entertainment tool compared to other cutting-edge modern electronic devices, for example televisions, computers, video games and DVD players. Using a mobile phone for a whole hour or more, could make a person forget about their surroundings as their focus and attention is diverted on whatever is amusing themselves in their mobile phone. As students stay in a state of being too absorbed on a mobile phone may leads to neglecting to care for fixing a proper eating habit for students which as result would disrupt their health condition in both mentally and physically. Without having a balanced diet or eating habit, a student may face certain illnesses that suppress their activities not only for school associated events but any activity at all that require physical movement or effort might be halted due to a weak and unbalanced condition and immune system. A healthy and strong immune system helps the human body to function more accurate and fittingly. Students certainly should be in their best physical shape and healthy state of mind to be able to keep their priority and morale sorted out. It is absolutely vital for students to put their health first and foremost as without it, dealing anything else is close to impossible. Managing a proper schedule and obtaining self-control over their own actions would help them sustain a much stable future for themselves. Students shouldn’t forget and always keep in mind that whatever they choose to do at the moment, will pave the way for their future. ‘What they reap they will sow,’ cited from the old Latin proverbs.

It is proven in fine points that not only does the excess of usage of mobile phones continue to be one of the causes of health issues to happen among students; it also proves to have an impact on their social life as well. With this piece of information made clear to the public, students are obligated to halt any activities involving their mobile phones, or lessen the usage at the very least, since a bigger part of their impact on the students’ life is more lenient towards the negatives. Although it carries substantial effects within the negative side of mobile phones, fortunately for them, it is not quite entirely squandering to the students benefits. Afore stated, mobile phones do so much as to give and provide students the convenience to search up academics related resources or obtain merely any information they need in particular with ease. As most are aware and come to an understanding, students are comfortable and familiar with using a mobile phone devoid of any troubles, obtaining the bare minimum from the internet through their mobile phones shouldn’t give them a hassle at all.

In fact, it no longer gives the element of surprise to see more and more students are likely to accumulate as much as information and data they could obtain which is related to school on their phones to avoid having to carry their thick textbooks all around campus. Progressively moving along with the development of modern technology, the features that mobile phones have substituted most material possession students have in reality. For instance, students no longer need an alarm clock to wake them up in the morning when a similar function found in their mobile phone can do the job just fine and perhaps, even do better. Hence, spending the extra cost to pay money for an alarm clock is hardly necessary. This could also apply to any given basic utilities such as keeping a calculator or a dictionary are out of the required scholars necessities, since most of this functions are available by a click of a button, thanks to the modern features made available in mobile phones. In a sense, by having a mobile phone with them students have one less problem to worry about, hence the stress and pressure they are inflicted with on a daily basis will in all hopefulness, be reduced to some degree for their best interest.

To conclude, the evolution of modern technology has greatly impact our present time, consequently society are given plenty of room to grow cohesively in line with the pace and direction technology is rapidly progressing to. With the ever growing and continuously fascinating development of mobile phones, now we have the world in our fingertips. It is safe to say that mobile phones was a part of the major improvement made in social communication and its great advancement could more or less makes the minuses of it be discounted. As significant as the negatives could be presented to the public’s view, the positives are much equally as prominent. Along with these amazing progresses made by mobile phones which appear to be positive and offers many conveniences, the over excessive usage of mobile phones on the other hand, has displayed its fair share of disappointments. In the hopes of resolving the problems caused by excessive usage of mobile phone could be as simple as taking caution in your personal use of the communication device and the simple act of learning to committedly value time as well as the people around you. For students in particular, having to spend unnecessarily long hours on mobile phones has disregarded many opportunities and wasted precious time that they could not bring back once lost.

As the wise, once a writer and American polymath Benjamin Franklin, one of which was also the founding father of the United States of America, in the past has quoted, ‘lost time is never found again.’ Without a doubt, students can make up of lost time spent on using mobile phones by using the device less and try to fill up their times with only important and beneficial activities such as spending time with their families as well as their friends. Students should value and cherish their time more and above all, guard it ferociously as it hold more power than they could begin to comprehend. Appreciating and making of abundant use to the given present time could save them many troubles on the long run. As a final point, realistically speaking, what the problem at stake undertakes wholly depends on how you use the device itself. The whole idea in fact is not just about having the choice between using or not using technology, in the end the real challenge is to use it right. You certainly do not find a monster in the electronic tool, you turn it into one. The errors technology holds in the past and it shortcomings is what shapes it to be the finest of the future. For now, as a representative of the society and inhabitants of this planet, we hope of nothing more than to continue striving to greatness whether it may concern with technology or quality of living, nonetheless earnestly hopes in making this place safer and more livable for future generations to come.

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