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What If There Was No Internet: Exploring the Implications

The internet has become an integral part of modern life, revolutionizing the way we communicate, work, and access information. However, what if there was no internet? Such a scenario prompts us to consider the profound implications on communication, education, economy, and daily life. This essay...

The Issue of the Technology Overuse in our Day-to-Day Lives

Our way of life has changed a lot from the past. In this day and age, one cannot simply imagine life without the use of gadgets. Whether we admit it or not, our lives today have become wreathed, if not dependent, on various forms of...

One Day from Life without using Social Media

“What am I doing? Who am I ?” At the crack of the dawn. Pillows were flipped over the floor, windows were closed which made the room kind of stuffy. Joy could not sleep. There was a list of questions in her mind whenever she...

The Excess of Technology in All the Areas of our Lives

What would life be without technology? Technology is unavoidable. Technology is everywhere. It’s a tool that has transformed people’s lives and the way the world operates. Several individuals today are tremendously obsessed with the use of technology that it has become an essential feature in...

Personal Experience of Spending a Day Without Technology

In the modern era of technology, where tech gadgets are touching the heights of advancements, we human beings are closely connected to them. Now we don’t get bored waiting for someone or when there is load shedding. We can easily keep up with all our...

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