Essay Samples on Artificial Intelligence

The Birth of Digitalised Graphic Design

As technology moves forward and the graphic design method and process integrates into computers, artificial intelligence (AI) applications will inescapably enter the design industry. In this moment in time, graphic design activities are carried out in various fields without the need of graphic designers, such…

Artificial Intelligence Along With Machine Learning Can Be An Impetus To Financial Services For MSMEs And Rural Population Across India

Introduction Indian banking landscape is seeing massive transition with the advent of financial inclusion through RBI. As the government shifts focus toward cashless society, it also pushes a bouquet of digital payment options in the form of schemes, apps and services like Small savings accounts,…

Artificial Intelligece: History & Types

ABSTRACT Artificial Intelligece is referred as the branch of computer which mainly aims to create intelligent machines. it is something which can compare the human efficiency of working with those intelligent machines. Actually this all started with the single point thought of the classical philosophers…

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