AI Applications in Cardiology, Radiology, CT and MR Images: A Review

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AI is becoming irrefutable in many fields, but in the field of medical it has become very important. It has many applications in Health and Bio-medical which is currently being deployed and also significant research is still going on. It mainly focuses on diagnoses of diseases through image processing. Few papers about uses of AI in cardiology and radiology, based on ECG and CT and MR images, have been reviewed to extract some useful insights.

Different techniques have been implemented for the diagnosis of different chest diseases such as fibrosis, edema and Pneumothoraces etc. As for clinicians, if the currently available deep learning models get implemented, it will be very useful for clinicians and hence they will be having very less role in disease classification and diagnosis and will be able to give due attention to patient’s treatment.

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The heart rate is governed by different factors. It often increases with fear, anxiety or physical activity. However if such condition occurs due to abnormality in the hearts conduction system, we talk about arrhythmia. Such conditions might be caused by an obstruction or short circuit in the electrical pathways of the heart, causing improper pumping of the blood. All such abnormalities are termed Cardiac Arrhythmia or Dysrhythmia. Although most arrhythmias are benign, some of them are so serious in nature that they may cause sudden death if left unattended. These different arrhythmias are identified by clinicians/ cardiologists from their respective ECG reports.

Electrodes are placed on the body of the patient for the collection of ECG report which is then further amplified by some EC (Electronic Circuit). Leads of these electrodes have their standard positions. ECG patterns are recorded. A physician’s job is to infer some information from any change in the pattern of ECG. Each cycle of a heartbeat is represented with an ECG complex. 

This information is given to us by an ECG complex which further gains insights from the cycle of heartbeat which shows different activities of the heart. The main points on an ECG complex, also called the fiducially points are, (P, Q, R, S and T). In the right atrium of the heart, Sino-Atrial is located where originated an electrical impulse. This originated pulse spreads in the whole of the Atria.

In a nutshell, it can be said that AI and Machine Learning has so far outperformed in the field of clinical Radiology and Cardiology. This will turn very friendly for the professionals and other beneficiaries. Significant research has so far been carried out and many more has to come.

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