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The Integrality of Computer Technology in the Wal-Mart Corporation

Walmart corporation is an American worldwide retail company that works a chain of hypermarkets, discounted retail chains, and supermarkets. Decision making is one of the most critical activities in any organization. Walmart handles their decision making process like any other big corporation by following a...

The Sociology of Human Relations in The Imitation Game

Friendship is one of the most important and valuable things in our lives. It lets us measure a person. Companionship is essential for the psychological wellbeing of every person. All relationships are formed through the mutual regard of individuals with affection, trust, and respect. The...

Alan Turing: The Father of Modern Computer Science

The computers today are extremely advanced. They have progressed far faster than scientists years ago would have even dreamed. A lot of the things that Science Fiction movies used as gags that seemed impossible back when they were created are now realities. Just look at...

How Scholaships Benefit the Self-Confidence of Students

As an international graduate student pursuing Computer Science at Texas A&M University-Commerce, I am submitting a scholarship application for “____” For me, this scholarship is especially important as it embodies the qualities I believe I exhibit as a person and as a student. The cost...

Human Computer Interaction: Brain Computing Interface

INTRODUCTION Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology is a powerful communication tool between users and systems. It does not require any external devices or muscle intervention to issue commands and complete the interaction. The research community has initially developed BCIs with biomedical applications in mind, leading...

Ice Hockey and Computer Science: My Diverging Passions

When people think of me they think of a hockey player: an athletic, aggressive kid who is always out on pond somewhere in the Canadian wilderness. They would never think of me as someone who likes to sit at a desk and write software, and...

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