Becoming A Computer Scientist – My American Dream

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Many individuals would agree that the world’s not fair and it’s never going to be. Whether someone expects or believes that they’ll achieve their American Dream, there are times where the chances of getting to that point are slim. However, I believe that the American Dream is still out there, awaiting to be accomplished. Becoming a computer scientist, despite the upcoming obstacles, will help me make my American Dream a reality.

All throughout my entire life, I was really fond of computers. It sincerely is an intriguing piece of technology. From browsing videos, sending emails, or online shopping, everything about is fascinating to me. Eventually, it gave me the inspiration to having me want to become somebody who works with computers. As someone who is passionate about computers, I decided to set myself a goal of becoming a computer scientist. With this goal in mind, it will be very effective towards leading me to my American Dream.In order for myself to accomplish this dream, I must know that there will be obstacles all-around I’ll eventually need to face. These certain obstacles can involve the amount of money, how many years of education needed, and so on. Research shows that if I want to become a computer scientist, “an associate degree program generally takes two years to complete, while a bachelor’s program takes about four years to complete”.

I’m perfectly aware that the tuitions in a computer science course in college are large, costing me around thousands of dollars. However, I’m not too worried about that. I know that if I’m ever in a dilemma, I have my family by my side in any emergency situation. That way, if something unexpectedly happens, I’ll always have my own safety net to fall back on.And speaking of the American Dream, there’s been some chatting over it being dead. Apparently, “some 82 percent of Americans now say their “American Dream” is simply financial security for themselves and their family.” There’s even some reports on how it is “a fallacy and Americans don’t realize it.” In my humble opinion, I believe that the American Dream is still achievable. According to research, a study in particular shows that “a majority of Americans are living the American Dream — even if they largely don’t realize it.” With this in mind, I won’t believe that it’s dead until I experience it for myself in the future.

To sum it up, once I graduate from college and officially become a computer scientist, my American Dream will possibly be up for grabs. Still, I’m going to need to be practical with my decisions I make. I may be an optimist for most of my life, but I’m also a realist. I have got a long ways to go if my sights are set on this goal. But through hard work and determination, anything is possible in my book.

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