My Motivation To Take The Master's Program In Data Science / Computer Science

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Someone once said, “Other people know who you are by what you have achieved, but you know yourself by what you are capable of doing”. If I was to introduce myself to one, I would call myself a strong, independent and adaptable woman. My life has been nothing short of a wild ride, but through it all, I have most importantly realized that the best things in life do not come to one so effortlessly.

I was always fascinated by the advancements in technology. Right from my school days, I had a knack for Mathematics, Science, and Computers. Finding different patterns, permutations and combinations, the occurrence of symmetry in the universe seemed very interesting topics back then. This curiosity, led me to take up Mathematics and Computer Science as my electives in my High School. During this time, I learnt my first ever programming language, ‘C++’. In the course of building simple applications using C++ to solve real-life problems, I found my interest in Application Development increasing. This led me to choose Information Technology as my major in my Undergraduate program.

During my course of Undergraduate program I was exposed to various courses with applications like Databases RDBMS, Operating Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, hence learned fundamentals of different computer technologies, both existing and under research. Due to health problems and some emotional setbacks, I struggled with my university life. But with every fall, I have had the opportunity to pick myself back up with a new, indispensable lesson. I always wanted to be a self -made person who would sketch her way into a finer future. One thing my dad has taught me, is to never give up and keep moving forward, which helped me a lot during these difficult times.

I made few projects related to Cloud Computing (A Cloud Based Storage App with pre-emptive encryption mechanism), Web Development (A library management system) and wrote a research paper “Fishermen Identification E-location Navigation and Detection” using technologies like GSM, GPS and Geofencing. These projects helped me in shaping my knowledge on Computer Science. I worked as an intern at ‘MyClan Services Private Limited’ during my summer break. I worked on a client’s web designing project and the back-end of the website. The one- month summer internship helped me understand and learn the fast life, multi-tasking, self- learning skills, and the pressure at a start-up company.

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I always wanted to pursue something which was a blend of Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and make unique applications or systems which would benefit people and make their daily lives even easier. I strongly believe that graduate study is essential to gain knowledge to excel in a chosen field. Now with strong academic foundation and little industrial experience, I thirst for a Master’s program which can help me acquire a higher level of knowledge, leadership quality and analytical skill.

As much focus I had given to my educational background as my preference, I also worked towards sculpting my additional interests. During my college, I was known as the girl with 20 dogs, as my love for animals was equal to my love for technology. I joined an Animal Welfare club to widen this love that I had towards the animals. We rescued many dogs and put them up for adoption.

I wish to join ___________________________, firstly due to its strong reputation worldwide, world ranking, and diverse number of students, labs, and infrastructure along with faculty members who are more than well versed in multiple subjects providing quality education. Secondly, a favorable location which promises great number of opportunities for jobs and other academic activities, this work is surely inspirational which further fuels my aspiration to be a part of this great institute.

At this juncture of my academic career, coupled with a lot of enthusiasm and energy to learn new forays, I believe I am equipped and well-motivated to undertake the Master’s program in Data Science / Computer Science at your esteemed university and experience the wonderful opportunities in cutting edge technology in an intellectually fulfilling academic environment guided by the most distinguished and well-versed faculty. With this I come to confidently understand that choosing the course offered by your University would significantly impact my professional life and strongly believe that this course has the all the necessary skills that I need to learn in combination with comprehensive, specialized and rigorous professional training in all aspects of the subject.

If I were to be given the opportunity of being admitted to your esteemed establishment, I would proudly expand the saga of my interests and work to the best and more of my abilities to use the chance to build myself and a better future.

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