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The Negative Impacts of Censorship on the Internet

This paper will be primarily focused on the various problems stemming from the censorship of materials found on the internet. Extending from that, it will discuss the author’s opinions on the best possible way for the regulation of posts on the internet. Finally, this paper…

The History of Censorship in China

Imagine this: a world without Google, Youtube, or Instagram. The horror. Such a scenario would be almost inconceivable to any internet user who regularly relies on search engines to have easy access to endless information, streaming services to procrastinate on work, and social media to…

Wifi as A Need In Today's World

Wifi is a need for many people; free wifi Stations in big cities will highly benefit everyone. This would be based on all the data from New York city wifi stations. With wifi stations all around the city, there are bound to be many positive…

Searching Of Wifi Everywhere

The quantity of things people truly can do now on the internetwork, unwinding, keeping up, etc is dynamically getting to be out of degree that the web data plans we purchase to never again seem, by all accounts, to be adequate. This leaves the typical…

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