The Dark Web: Fighting Cybercrime

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How often do we hear horror stories about a darknet? Cybercrime? Every week, the media scare inexperienced Internet surfers darknet. Not surprisingly, on this basis, many misconceptions and myths have appeared. Many have repeatedly stated that the darknet was created by terrorists and criminals for dirty deeds. But in fact, the “dark network” was invented by the same people that the Internet itself had once created.

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One day, the US Department of Defense is entitled to create completely secret and anonymous pages to restrict access to spies. To do this, they used non-standard protocols and ports so that users on the regular Internet could not track the resource. And what is cybercrime is an act of social deviation to cause economic, political, moral, ideological, cultural and other types of damage.Over time, thanks to the leakage of the code of the anonymizing code, anyone who wanted could gain access to the hidden pages. According to the Tor Project statistics, about 4 million people use an onion browser today, but only 1.5% of traffic comes to dark sites. Darknet is very tiny - it makes up only 0.005% of the white Internet, which contains more than a billion sites. And the dark network is not as dangerous as people who have never opened the Thor browser think.

The big media, like caring parents, scare their audience with a darknet so that they do not go to Africa for a walk and do not let children go there. Standard fears are drugs, porn, weapons, killers. In general, the usual Internet is much more perverted. All cybercrime in the darknet is largely exaggerated. Cyber police officers can easily find and arrest people who are trying in 2013, the FBI quietly closed the drug marketplace Silk Road and its founder Ross Ulbricht. Hundreds of arrests of drug dealers, gun barons and pedophiles, who relied on the darknet, are carried out annually.

No encryption saves criminals from undercover cops, test purchases and their own stupidity. The darkness of the darknet is excessively exaggerated. The chance to pick up a malicious program in the onion network is no higher than the rest of the Internet. To protect you just need to follow the rules of computer hygiene. The darknet is not equal to deep web, which means non-indexable sites. The deep web is 500 times larger than the usual Internet, what can we say about the dark network. Two types of cybercrime can be distinguished: social engineering (not to be confused with social engineering in sociology) and virus programs. Resorting to the characteristics of the psychology of the individual, the fraudsters present themselves as another person, thereby misleading the person. Social engineering is used by a narrow circle of specialists in the field of information security to describe ways of “fishing” personal information based on knowledge of the characteristics of human psychology, using blackmail and abuse of trust.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters and avoid material losses, you need to follow a few tips:

  • Make sure you have a good antivirus installed on your computer
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Avoid unknown links
  • Do not swing everything
  • Be incredulous.
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