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The Concept of Contract Law and Social Occasions

The idea of the law of Contracts is that, in any understandings made by the gatherings, unexpected events may happen which makes a deterrent to achieving the explanation behind the understanding made by the social occasions. An inescapable condition in the law of agreements is...

Path Towards a Sustainable Democracy and True Social Contract in Nigeria

Abstract Since Nigeria returned to democracy in May 1999, after almost three decades of military rule, and almost two decades of economic crises, the country has been faced with the complex challenges of national reconstruction and economic reforms, and democratic consolidation. Even after many general...

A New Social Contract for a Shared Future in Afractured Workforce

Underpinning the various discussions happening at the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos [last week / month] was the theme, “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.” Indeed, the world continues to suffer debilitating fractures on so many fronts – climate change, social inequality...

Authority and State in the Light of Rousseau's Social Contract

In todays society, we are living in a so called democracy where in supposedly we the people have rights on almost every matter in our society, but what is happening really is a family controlled country where we are shown an illusion where we think...

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