Essay Samples on Criminal Law

Criminal Law: Determination and Hard Work as Requirements

Whether defending or prosecuting, criminal lawyers play a redound role in society. “Criminal Law” is defined as a system of laws concerned with the punishment of individuals who commit crimes (“Criminal Law”). There are two types of criminal lawyers: prosecutors, and defenders. Criminal law prosecutors…

Poynings' Law and Criminal Law in the European Countries

Officialising it’s independence in 1922, Ireland is a young state in comparison to its European counterparts. The history of Irish criminal law is inextricably connected to that of it’s older, English equivalent. Brehon law, introduced in 1169 by Anglo-Norman nobleman Richard de Clare, more commonly…

Jurisdiction of Criminal Law in Courts and Procedures

Explain the jurisdiction of the criminal courts and criminal procedures in the context of criminal proceedings in Sri Lanka (P4.1, M2.3) In reference to the given question, it is vital to analyze in profundity with respect to the criminal procedures in Sri Lanka as well…

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