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History and Work of Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide the history and impetus for the Consumer Financial protection agency (CFPA). This paper will describe and explain the just what the CFPA does and has done for the citizens of the United States. The author will...

Consumer Protection Law in the Large Scale Indian Gym

Introduction Consumer protection rights exist to protect the consumers from malpractices in business transactions that include goods and/or services. However, consumer protection rights are usually unknown to the common consumer due to which companies often get away with violations of consumer protection law. Our report...

Consumer Protection in the Medical Field: Guidelines and Laws

The emergence of consumer law has evident in the twentieth century, with a sequence of scandals over adulterated food, which opened the gate for the Food and Drug Acts and various other measures in forms of legislation/acts enacted to protect the interest of consumers on...

An In-Depth Analysis of Nature Phenomenons in California

The area of study that was chosen for this assignment is the jurisdiction of California. The focus of this essay will include an in-depth understanding of the nature and approach to the underwriting style in this jurisdiction. The California Department of Insurance (“CDI”) is the...

The Role Of Shopper Protection Laws In Our Lives

Mainly the choices of food and the quality of nutritional diet depends on the regulations and policies implemented directly or indirectly. It adversely affects the costs of producing commodities as it affects the prices of consumer goods. Governments are frequently in prices of installing region...

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