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Analysis Of The Strict Liability In Tort Law

Introduction This essay seeks to explain on the principle of strict liability as explained in the law of tort. It will also show the elements that are needed to subside with the latter principle. Not only that but also to give a full explanation on...

Approach of Courts Towards Torts in Public Law

Introduction “If the plaintiff has a right, he must of necessity have a means to vindicate and maintain it and a remedy if he is injured in the exercise or enjoyment of it, and, indeed it is a vain thing to imagine a right without...

Purpose of Tort Law: Bangladesh Prospective 

Abstract In Bangladesh, Tort Law has so far remained neglected. In this term paper I will endeavour to outline what the intended purpose of tort law is in the Bangladeshi legal system. This paper mentions the historical development of Tort Law. The paper also explores...

Tort Law In Ambiguous Goods Field

Tort law has evolved from what it started off as, to what it is now. Originally tort law was a third party-based relationship, wherein parties had no prior relationship so they were not able to base a trial on preexisting conditions, hence it was up...

Tort Law: What Is It And How It Achieves Its Purpose

Firstly, in order to assess whether the law of tort successfully achieves its purpose, it is essential to outline what exactly that ‘purpose is’. By defining that of a tort, it is possible to underline what it is that the law of tort sets out...

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