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Title Ix: Opening A New Door Of Academic Opportunities For Women

Title IX was passed in 1972, giving many influential women an opportunity to prove their abilities and create a path for many women to follow.. One example of this is how Title IX caused the creation of the United States National Women’s Soccer Team (USWNT)....

The Impact of Title IX on Society

In society today, Title IX is used to enforce equality and fair treatment among all ranges of gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual assault status. The details of Title IX have been argued time and time again ranging back to a Supreme Court case from...

The Ineffectiveness of Title IX Against Sexual Assault

Intro College is a place where students go to learn. However, for years many other things that are rarely publicized have come along with this experience. College is as much a place for big parties, binge drinking and sexual assault as it is for learning....

Title IX Regulations Against Sexual Assault and Discrimination Based on Sex

Sexual assault and harassment has become an increasing issue on many college campuses. With the changing political administration in the United States, there has been a variety of revised laws and regulations addressing the Title IX Act of 1972. The Title IX Act, prohibited any...

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