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An In-Depth Analysis of the Supreme Court Web Designer Case

Exploring the Background of the Supreme Court Case Back in 2016, Lorie Smith, a visionary web designer hailing from Colorado, aspired to broaden her entrepreneurial horizons by delving into the realm of crafting wedding websites. Nevertheless, owing to her devout Christian convictions, Smith fervently opposed...

The Ketan Parekh Fraud and Supervisory Lapses: Case Study

The Ketan Parekh scam was the second most important scam that shook the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) after the Harshad Mehta scam. Ketan Parekh was himself a mentee of Harshad Mehta and had learned stock trading from the pied piper of Bombay Stock Exchange himself....

Daniela's Law Case Study: Employee or an Independent Contractor

The issue based on the facts is to determine whether Daniela whom has been working with Fragrant is considered to be an employee or an independent contractor. The illustration of whether she was treated as an employee or an independent contractor is raised through a...

Legal Case Analysis: Safford Middle School District

The Assistant Principal of a Safford Middle School District school called 13-year-old Savana Redding from her classroom and walked her to his office. Savana was removed from her Math class due to what was considered by the Assistant Principal as disturbing information regarding Savana and...

Survey of Law Case: the Use of the Fourth Amendment in Public School

A teacher at a New Jersey high school witnessed the 14-year-old respondent and a friend, smoking cigarettes in the school bathroom—a violation of school policy. The teacher took the girls to the Principal’s office where they met with the Assistant Vice Principal. The respondent denied...

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