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Racism In Law: Plessy Vs Ferguson

Introduction: Racism in the United States has plagued our nation since its creation and has plagued the legal world since its establishment. Despite the modern world, the US judicial system is still lacking when in the case of people of color. What does it mean...

Plessy V. Ferguson: Justification Of The Case

Justice is defined as the branch of human logic in charge of solving any of the dilemmas present in mankind’s social life, ranging from mere disputes to life-threatening eruptions of pure violence. On the other hand, this controversial topic of the judicial system’s fails or...

Plessy Vs Ferguson: The Legal Case

Contextually, preceding the progressive period urbanization was rapidly increasing as immigrants flooded into America’s cities. Urbanization spurred by never before seen levels of immigration from southern and eastern European countries changed America’s demographics and population. Industrialization helped by increasing urbanization and immigration quickly increased as...

Adnan Syed Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty

This last piece of evidence is very important as it complet—-. In episode 9 of the podcast, a woman named Laura came out to Sarah Koenig testifying that “There’s no way, there was never any phones at Best Buy. There was never any phones around...

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