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My Personal Opinion On Why Divorce Shouldn't Be Legalized

Healthy marriages are important for couples, mental and physical health. However, based on the 2019 American Psychological Association statistics, Divorce has affected 40 to 50% of the total number of married couples all over the globe and has become one of the most prominent contemporary...

Divorce Process And Finances In Hennepin County

The divorce rate in Minnesota is 10% — one of the highest divorce rates in the country, government statistics reveal. Money is the leading cause of stress in relationships and has been found to be responsible for at least 21% of divorces. Married couples considering...

Analysis of the MNG's Family Law System

Family law is a highly emotional and complex area of law. Therefore, non-adversarial processes are more appropriate for the dynamics and emotions involved in family law proceedings. Marram Ngala Gunbu (‘MNG’), a division of the Broadmeadows Children’s Court, is a court that implements a solution-focused...

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